Did you know that November is National Diabetes Month?

By November 15, 2017Blog
'National Diabetes Awareness Month' design

For four weeks, the American Diabetes Association dedicates itself to educating the public about the disease that affects one in eleven Americans – 29 million people – and how we can protect ourselves and those we love.

Diabetes, when left unmanaged, is responsible for blindness, nerve damage, and kidney disease, but healthy eating habits and regular exercise can greatly reduce the likelihood of developing Type II diabetes.

What can you do to get involved in National Diabetes Month?

  • Help spread the word about prevention through healthy habits
  • Encourage your friends and family to routinely see their doctor for check ups
  • Speak up about the impact of this disease on our community, and lead the charge for a healthier lifestyle in your circles

The American Diabetes Association has made it easy for you to spread the word with these handy links:


Thanks for your help!