4 Questions to Ask Your Doctor Before Getting an X-Ray

getting an x-ray

Chances are, if you are getting an x-ray, you are in the midst of an emergency of some sort. Because of the emergent nature of most x-rays, you may be thinking more about your pain than anything else, but there are some questions you should ask your doctor before you begin.

Whether you’ve had one before or this will be your first one ever, you may be a bit nervous. However, there is nothing to worry about. An x-ray will allow your doctor to see things that he or she can not view from the outside, and as a result, the next steps that he or she takes can be the correct ones the first time.

It’s likely that you are not reading this article while waiting for your x-ray, but reading it before anything that requires one, will help you to be ready just in case. Read on to learn about the five questions that you should ask your doctor before getting an x-ray.

1. Is Getting an X-ray Safe?

One of the biggest concerns is safety. Fortunately, the safety of an x-ray has come a long way. Machines do use radiation for imaging, but since people do not get x-rays very often, the exposure to it is minimal. Further, your x-ray technician will do a number of things to ensure your safety like covering the rest of your body with a protective shield.

2. What Happens During an X-Ray?

Your technician or another medical provider will walk you through the process of getting an x-ray before it begins so there will be no surprises. They will ask if you are pregnant and inquire about x-rays you may have had in the past.

You will be covered with a protective shield and you will be asked to remain still while the x-ray is being taken. This can be challenging if you are in pain, but it’s crucial so a second x-ray will not be needed.

3. Does Insurance Cover X-Rays?

X-ray imaging can be expensive so you will want to make sure your insurance covers this before you begin. In almost all cases, they are. However, you will need to make sure that the facility you visit is included in your insurance plan; otherwise, you may end up with a hefty bill afterward.

4. What Happens Afterward?

Fortunately, results are developed quickly. Once your doctor has your completed x-rays, he or she will look them over and determine what type of treatment you need for your condition or injury. It’s likely that the next steps can be taken right away.

Your doctor will discuss with you what will happen next and how to care for your injury going forward. Although you may have hurt yourself, the process of getting an x-ray and then treating your issue should be relatively painless. You’ll be glad you went to the doctor so you can begin the healing process.

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