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School Sports Physicals at Thibodaux Regional Urgent Care

School sports are popular and enjoyable for many students and their families. Before the season begins, ensure your child has their school sports physical. Thibodaux Regional Urgent Care offers convenient, comprehensive sports physicals at all our locations.

Why Does My Child Need a Sports Physical?

A school sports physical exam is a thorough assessment of your child’s physical health that allows a medical provider to determine whether your child can safely participate in a sport. The exam is performed by a doctor, physician assistant, or nurse practitioner. The exact nature of the exam depends on the school or agency requesting it.

The sports physical helps to identify any physical or medical conditions that a student may not be aware of, including cardiac conditions, diabetes, asthma, or musculoskeletal concerns. Any concerns that may arise can be addressed to prevent future injury or complications for your child. The exam also provides an opportunity to discuss your child’s overall health, including nutrition and sleep.

What Happens During a Sports Physical?

Your child’s exam will include discussing your child’s medical history. You can expect questions about any previous illnesses, injuries, or surgeries. Family medical history is often reviewed as well. Your provider will discuss your child’s immunization history and any medications they take.

A school sports physical includes a thorough physical exam. A provider will check your child’s height, weight, and vital signs and assess their lungs, heart, hearing, and vision. General muscle and joint health are evaluated. The goal of the exam is to ensure that your child is in good health and can participate in their sport safely.

Thibodaux Regional Urgent Care offers comprehensive school physical exams every day of the week. You don’t need an appointment–just visit any of our walk-in clinics for your convenience. We take pride in ensuring your family is in good health and able to safely participate in school sports.

Thibodaux Regional Urgent Care offers a full spectrum of services for many medical concerns, including sports injuries. To learn more, contact a location near you. Call 985.803.8383 for the Thibodaux clinic, 985.709.0136 for the Houma clinic, or 985.493.4944 for the Gray clinic.


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