5 Common Boating Accidents and Injuries

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Water skiing, a leisurely putt around the lake or serious yachters, people love their boats. Unfortunately, people also get hurt on boats. Accidents happen on the water for a variety of reasons.

Boating accidents and injuries can be avoided if people know what to look for. All too often, people think water is a forgiving substance and you can get hurt. Think again.

Here are the most common accidents for boats.

Common Boating Accidents

There are a lot of things that can go wrong when you’re out on the boat, but here are the most common.

1. Speed

Going too fast. There are often speed limits in place on most lakes now because going too fast can cause a lot of problems. Sure, it’s fun to fly across the but you can hit a wave or another boat. The driver needs time to react.

2. Capsizing

The boat tipping over and spilling all its contents is another danger on the water. People and all the gear falling out cause damage, people can get hit with flying debris and drown.

3. Inexperience

The first day with the new boat, no real experience, how hard can it be? Go forward, turn, enjoy. Even seasoned boaters need to pay attention, understand the weather conditions and be aware of everyone around them.

4. Not Paying Attention

Even when you are not traveling fast, you need to pay attention. You can drift into someone else, drift into the pier or shore or just run into someone. Hitting the wrong gear or not turning in time.

There is often a party atmosphere on the boat, loud music, drinking, and bikinis. It can all be a distraction to the point of disaster.

5. Alcohol

No surprise there.

We can relate all the above problems and tie them all back to alcohol. Alcohol does a lot of the heavy lifting where injuries are concerned. Drinking on the boat is a lot of fun and relaxing, but it dulls the senses and makes you make stupid mistakes. make sure you keep your wits about you.

Common Injuries

There are a few injuries that are very common with boating.

Head Injuries

Falling because the boat turns or tips, hitting your head if you fall due to drunkenness, slippery surfaces or before you get your sea legs.

Broken Bones

Falling and tripping cause injuries like broken arms, elbows and even ankles. The floor of the boat is hard and slippery. Wear proper shoes and be aware of where you are going.

Sun Stroke

Sitting on top of the boat, having a few drinks, you don’t realize the effect it’s having on you. Sunstroke or heat stroke can be dangerous.

Safety Means Fun

By taking a few precautions you can enjoy yourself and still keep everyone safe. Be aware of your surroundings, take care of everyone on the boat and follow the posted rules for that body of water.

If you need urgent care while out on your boat, please contact us for help. Keep our number with you while on the boat, for speedy attention.

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