5 Flu Symptoms To Watch Out For

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After a historically bad flu season, many parents and senior citizens are looking to be more prepared for next year. One of the easiest ways to keep the flu from getting too severe is to detect the flu symptoms early and go to the doctor.

Before you can detect these symptoms, though, you need to know what they are. So, here are 5 flu symptoms to watch out for next flu season.

1. Fever

When we have a potentially dangerous virus in our systems, our body naturally raises its temperature in order to help fight off the viruses that may be sensitive to temperature change. While a fever may be uncomfortable, it is definitely good for you!

Unfortunately, a high fever can be dangerous for anyone. For small children, a temperature above 101F is cause for concern. For adults, anything above 104F is reaching a dangerously high level. It is important to keep your fever in check and see a doctor if it persists or is too high.

2. Nasal Congestion

Having a stuffy nose is just one of many symptoms that the flu and common cold share. If your congestion is persistent and severe, it may be time to visit an urgent care center to see if you have the flu.

Congestion that becomes heavy from one day to the other is especially a cause for concern, as the flu is characterized by symptoms that come very intense and very quickly.

3. Aching Muscles

Aching muscles and joints are another sign of your immune system working to defeat the flu in your body. This happens because your white blood cells, which usually work to strengthen and repair your muscle fibers, may get busy fighting off the virus.

This symptom is especially concerning in the elderly, as it may make them weaker than before. The flu can definitely take a toll on your strength, so you may need to avoid physical activity when fighting it off.

4. Fatigue

Fatigue may be the first symptom to arrive with the flu, and the last to leave. You are fatigued when you have the flu because your body is using up energy to combat the virus in your system.

Though one can be fatigued for many reasons, it is important to keep an eye on how tired you are as well as the development of other flu symptoms before going to the doctor.

5. Sweat and Chills

The sudden change in your body temperature that your body produces when you’re sick with the flu often leads to both sweats and chills. These are important flu symptoms to note as they differentiate the flu from the common cold, and can turn serious very quickly.

Do You Have These Flu Symptoms

If you have these and any other symptoms, there is a chance that you have the flu. Whether or not the flu in season, it is a good idea to go to an urgent care center if you’re displaying intense versions of the ailments.

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