5 Possible Signs of Foreign Objects in the Body

Young children are at risk of swallowing or inserting objects into their bodies. This can happen on accident, or as part of a curious child learning about their body. 

75% of these incidents occur in children ages five and younger. Some of these foreign objects pass through or become dislodged on their own. Yet, others can be dangerous or fatal if ignored.   

These objects can block a child’s throat, nose, ears, and other areas. In these cases, it’s best to seek foreign body removal from a professional to safely get rid of the object. 

Here are 5 signs that there could be a foreign object in the body. 

1. Irritable Behavior

A child displaying irregular irritable behavior could be trying to tell you something. This could be a sign that a foreign object has gotten lodged somewhere in their body. Crying is another way children try to communicate their discomfort if this happens.

Types of foreign body objects include chocking hazard foods, small toys, and crayons. These are often found in the throat, ears, and nose. So look for signs of the child trying to scratch at or touch these areas. 

2. Trouble Breathing 

Objects in the nose or throat can create breathing problems for the child. Swallowed objects may block the airways. This can cause wheezing, coughing, and choking. 

A blocked nasal passage can also cause trouble with breathing. Strange whistling noises in the nose may also occur as the child inhales and exhales.  

If something gets lodged in the child’s throat, they may have difficulty swallowing. Trouble breathing is always a sign to seek medical attention immediately.  

3. A Bad Odor

Foul or uncommon smells are another sign that the body could be fighting off a foreign object. These odors can come from the ear, nose, or the vagina. A bad odor is also a sign of an infection. 

This symptom can also be a case in adults when an inserted tampon forgets to get removed. This can cause toxic shock syndrome where a fever may also occur. 

4. Stomach Pains

If an item gets swallowed, the body may have trouble digesting it. This can cause severe stomach pains, bloating, and gas. Vomiting and ulcers may also occur. 

Coins are a common household object for children to try and swallow. Older coins can be dangerous as they can contain zinc. This can cause damage to the stomach.   

5. Excess Drainage 

Foreign objects in the ear or nose can cause a discharge or increase in mucus. Blood may also occur as a result of an infection. Here are the symptoms of an ear infection to be on the lookout for. 

This can also be the case if something gets lodged in the vagina or rectum. Excess drooling and vomiting are other signs that the body may be trying to rid a foreign object. 

When to Seek Professional Help for Foreign Body Removal  

These signs show that a child or adult has a foreign object inside their body. Medical attention may be needed if an object is too far inserted inside the body. Foreign body removal by a professional ensures safe techniques to get rid of the item. 

This can involve a physical exam, x-ray technology, and scopes to locate the item. Removal can happen with a suction machine, retractors, or even surgery.

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