Chest Tightness 101: How to Tell if Your Pain is Serious

chest tightness

A third of all deaths in America are from cardiovascular disease. That’s over 800,000 people. It’s no wonder that tightness in the chest can be worrying.

If you have a pain in your chest, you might be concerned that it’s something to do with their heart. It’s not always the case. Here’s how to tell if chest tightness is serious.

Chest Tightness and Chest Pain

Any unusual sensation in your chest area can be worrying. This is especially true if you are in a high-risk group for cardiovascular disease. So, how do you tell if that pain is the first sign of a heart attack or your body telling you that you shouldn’t have eaten those pickles?

Heart Attack Symptoms

Chest pains might be the most obvious sign of heart attack, but there are other symptoms to watch out for too. If you get any of these symptoms, ask someone to call 911 or get urgent medical assistance.

Pain or pressure in the center of your chest or a burning sensation, tightness, or a squeezing sensation in the center of your chest might indicate a heart attack. Pain that increases over several minutes or is constant could equally be a heart attack. It may be in the center of your chest or spread to your left arm, back neck or jaw.

There are other symptoms that may be associated with the pain to look out for. Problems breathing, feelings of nausea, and a cold sweat might also be exhibited.

A pain that occurs after stress, such as physical effort or extreme emotion or shock, could indicate a heart attack.

In all these situations, seek emergency medical attention. You may not be having a heart attack, but it’s best to get checked out.

Whether you are young, fit, or don’t want to cause a fuss, it’s best to be sure. Get assistance immediately.

You’re Probably Fine

There are some chest pains that are not indicative of a heart attack.

A sharp, stabbing sensation in the chest, especially if it is associated with breathing or a cough is probably not a heart attack. If the pain is as short as a few seconds its unlikely to be a heart problem.

You need not be concerned if the pain is obviously on one side of your chest or in a very localized area. It’s also not a heart attack if you can bring on the pain by pressing in an area of the chest.

If you have some chest pains but it isn’t a heart attack, what could it be? The cause might be indigestion or a panic attack. There are many possible causes, many of which are trivial.

Although you will probably be fine, it’s a good idea to get checked out. If it turns out to be a heart attack, you’ll be glad you got help. If not, then it’s still a good idea to get to the root of the problem if there is one.

Don’t Worry

If you have chest tightness and you are worried about it, get emergency help. This information is not a substitute for getting a direct medical diagnosis and treatment. That way, you can stop worrying.

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