Common Causes and Remedy for Chronic Bladder Infections, According to Gynecologists

Chronic bladder infections

Urinary Tract Infections (UTIs) are the second most common type of infection in the United States. 

This means your chances of getting a UTI, or even a reoccurring UTI, is quite likely. 

Bladder infections occur when bacteria makes its way up the urinary tract and results in inflammation. Chronic bladder infections can be the result of repeated cases, or the previous bacteria not being fully taken care of.

Symptoms of UTIs include pain when peeing and the persistent urge to pee. 

If you suffer from chronic bladder infections, read on to learn about the potential causes and remedies. 

Common Causes of Bladder Infections 

Frequent urinary infections causes can be due to sexual activity, improper hygiene, holding your pee, prior medical conditions, and even birth control. Here are some more details.

Sexual Activity

Sexual activity can expose the urinary tract to new bacteria. Frequent sexual activity or a new partner can result in a UTI. 

Improper Hygiene

Improper hygiene or failure to clean your genitalia can result in UTIs. 

Be sure to wipe completely and from front to back when using the bathroom to prevent fecal bacteria from reaching the urinary tract. 

Wearing the same underwear for more than one day can also cause a bladder infection. 

Not Peeing When You Need To

One of the reasons for recurring UTI infections is holding your pee in or not peeing all the way. 

Though less common, urine left in the bladder for too long is susceptible to infection. 

Medical Conditions

If your UTI comes back right after antibiotics it might be a result of a medical condition. 

Diabetes, kidney stones, and an enlarged prostate have all been shown to increase your chances of getting chronic bladder infections. 

Birth Control

A few birth controls, particularly those with spermicides, can cause chronic UTIs. 

This is because spermicides can kill the good bacteria that the vagina uses to fight off unwelcome bacteria. 

Remedies for Chronic Bladder Infections 

Fortunately, there are some actions you and your doctors can take to get rid of chronic bladder infections once and for all. 

Antibiotics: Antibiotics can be prescribed to kill the bacteria causing your UTIs and prevent new bacteria from entering. 

Drinking Water: Drinking more water can help you pee more often to flush out any bad bacteria in your urinary tract. 

Unsweetened Cranberry Juice: Adding unsweetened cranberry juice to your diet has been proven to help prevent and treat bladder infections. 

Good Hygiene: Prevent bacteria from causing infections by wiping properly, urinating as soon as you need to, peeing all the way, and washing your genitals every day with the appropriate soaps. 

Surgery: Surgery can be used to remove medical conditions such as kidney stones that contribute to chronic bladder infections. 

Get Rid of Your UTI for Good

Chronic bladder infections are more than annoying. They’re painful and can eventually result in more dangerous conditions, like a kidney infection, if allowed to spread. 

Learning what’s causing your UTIs is the first step to finally getting rid of them for good. Whether it’s improper hygiene, your birth control, or an underlying condition, there are treatment options for you. 

If you’re experiencing the symptoms of a bladder infection, make an appointment with us today. 

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