How Do I Know I Have the Flu? 5 Signs You Should Go to Urgent Care

how do i know i have the flu

Each year, the flu affects between 9 million and 49 million people. Because this illness is so widespread, you must be able to recognize the signs and take action.

Many cases of the flu are mild, yet some reach levels of emergency.

But you might be asking, how do I know I have the flu?

Below we’ll discuss the symptoms of the flu, how to know you have it, and when to go to urgent care.

How Do I Know I Have the Flu?

The flu is more severe than a common cold, so don’t assume you have the flu without a doctor’s diagnosis. Some symptoms of the flu include body aches, nasal stuffiness, high fever, chills, sore throat, cough, and headache.

These symptoms usually last anywhere between 3 days and a week.

When You Should Go to the Urgent Care

In most cases, you’ll get rid of the flu on your own by taking medicine, resting and nursing yourself back to health. However, there comes a time where your flu can become dangerous, and you’ll need to visit urgent care.

Choose an urgent care center that is in close proximity to you will help you get there sooner. Here are five situations where you should visit urgent care:

1. If the Pain is Severe

You know your body, so you know when your pain is bearable and when it’s severe. If the body aches and joint pain you are experiencing is more than you can handle, get in touch with your local urgent care facility.

They can administer more effective painkillers and see if anything else is going on.

2. You Experience Difficulty Breathing

When you’re experiencing shortness of breath, it’s best to visit urgent care. If you can’t breathe, it may be a sign that you are experiencing a respiratory infection or a similar issue.

This can lead to more serious health complications if left unchecked.

3. The Fever is Bringing About Confusion and Delerium

You may start to experience a sense of confusion and disorientation. This is usually brought about due to the fever.

When you experience this level of delirium, along with dizziness and weakness, it’s imperative that you get medical attention.

4. You’re Part of a High-Risk Demographic

If you are part of a certain high-risk demographic, your flu can bring about more serious health problems, so you should definitely go to urgent care. This could include pregnant women, babies, elderly people, or people already dealing with infections or other issues.

Getting the care that you need could be a life-saving matter in one of these situations.

5. High Fever and Severe Dehydration

If you have a fever of 104 degrees or above, you should definitely consider visiting an urgent care center. Severe dehydration often accompanies high fevers.

If you find yourself not being to urinate, cramping and experiencing other severe forms of dehydration, you will need medical assistance.

Handle Your Flu Properly

How do I know I have the flu? The tips above should point you in the right direction.

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