How to Treat a Broken Bone: A Guide

how to treat a broken bone

There are 206 bones in adults and 231 in infants and children. With that many bones, it’s no wonder that there are times when we accidentally may break a bone or two.

But, just how to treat a broken bone once it’s happened is the real question. By the time you’ve finished looking through our guide, you’re going to have the answers you were looking for a be able to seek treatment for your broken bone in no time.
Read on for everything that you need to know.


One way to treat broken bones until you’re able to reach urgent care is to use a splint. The purpose of the splint is to provide a means of stabilization for the bone to prevent it from moving more than it already has.

A splint is not a permanent means of treatment and should only be used until you’re able to make it to the doctor to have them use a better means of stabilizing the bone as it heals. However, if you’ve got a bone broken in your hand, the splint may be used to stabilize the broken finger until it’s healed completely.


One of the most common treatments that doctors use when dealing with a broken or sprained bone is using a cast. The cast will be worn for a specified amount of time until the bone has healed.

While your broken bone is healing, you’ll have limited movement of this limb until the cast has been removed.


In severe cases, the only way to ensure that a bone is fixed after it’s been broken is to perform surgery. There are some instances where a surgeon may recommend inserting a metal rod in areas like the back or leg to ensure that a person can continue functioning normally after breaking a bone.

Surgery can connect bones that have separated, and it can also be used to hold bones in place until they’ve healed the way that there supposed too.

Joint Therapy

The last way we want to discuss used to treat broken bones is through joint therapy or joint manipulation. Joint manipulation or spinal manipulation is to help a joint stretch past its point of restriction.

When you’ve broken a bone, and it heals, it can be challenging to get the range of motion lost after the bone broke.

How to Treat a Broken Bone 101

When you’re looking for a guide about how to treat a broken bone, then we’re glad that you’ve read through our post. There are tons of ways to treat broken bones, from having a cast placed on the affected limb to using a splint. It all depends on the severity of the bone that’s broken.

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