5 Tips for Quick Headache Relief

woman with headache at desk

The holidays are fast approaching. And while it’s a time of fun and joy, it’s also the source of stress for many people. There’s so much to do! Grab gifts, wrap said gifts, prepare meals, decorate, buy a tree…only to name a few. It’s so much that it could practically send your head spinning. The holidays can be among some of the most difficult times for those of us who suffer headaches. But don’t let a headache keep you away from the people you love! Next time your head starts to hurt, remember these five tips for fast headache relief.

1. Hydrate and Grab a Snack

Most people don’t drink enough water throughout the day. And how could they? Between work, social obligations, and dedicating time to family, there’s never enough time in the day to get the recommended amount of water. If you’re dehydrated or hungry, you’re far more likely to suffer painful headaches, especially when combined with caffeine. But that doesn’t mean you need to give up that extra cup of coffee in the morning. But make sure to balance it out during the day by drinking plenty of water.

2. Go for a Walk

Like properly hydrating, exercise is a fantastic way to keep the headaches at bay. Next time you’re working on a report and feel a headache coming on, get up and walk around for some quick headache relief. But how exactly are headaches and exercise linked? The link isn’t entirely clear. However, as we exercise, our bodies release endorphins. These helpful little chemicals send positive signals to the body, replacing feelings of pain or stress.

3. Get a Gentle Massage

Watch a commercial for your favorite pain reliever and you may see at least one actor rubbing his or her temple. While it may seem like a silly remedy, it’s actually pretty effective. Rubbing your neck or temples is a fantastic way to improve blood flow. Additionally, a gentle massage can relax the connective muscles and tissues throughout your head. So while this may seem like an obvious tip, it’s certainly a helpful one. You may even want to massage the base of your neck, as well, as it’s one of the areas where people tend to store tension.

4. Place a Warm Washcloth Over Your Eyes

Warmth is another fantastic tool when battling constricted blood vessels. Take a damp, warm washcloth and gently lay it over your eyes. Now just lay back, close your eyes, and relax. You’ll practically feel the tension and stress melting away.

5. Relax and Breathe

“If only it were that easy,” you may be thinking. Depending on the severity of a headache in question, deep breathing may offer near-instant headache relief. Find a comfortable place to sit and roll your shoulders back. Close your eyes and focus on your breath. Imagine that your stomach is a balloon you’re trying to fill with air. In a few moments, your heart rate will come down, you’ll feel relaxed, and your headache should be gone.

Need Headache Relief? Come In Today

These five tips should help you eliminate any pesky headaches in a matter of moments. But if for some reason you’re not feeling any better, get in touch. Make an appointment with the helpful staff at Thibodaux Regional Urgent Care – Houma and get the headache relief you need today!

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