What To Expect When Getting A Physical Exam At Thibodaux Urgent Care

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Is it time to get your routine physical for work or school?

Maybe you’re just looking to keep tabs on your health or prevent emergencies, such as heart attacks for the future. Did you know that 92% of Americans think it’s important to get an annual exam?

Read on to discover what you can expect when getting a physical exam at Thibodaux Urgent Care.

1. Go Over Your Medical History

When you first meet with a doctor or nurse practitioner at Thibodaux Urgent Care, you’ll have an opportunity to discuss your medical history.

This is an important step, especially for new patients, as it allows the doctor to become familiar with you and your health habits.

An overview of your history and the medicines you take will help the doctor assess you throughout the rest of the exam.

2. Check Your Vitals

The next portion of a physical exam involves checking your vital signs.

Vital signs include blood pressure measurements, heart rate, respiration rate, and temperature.

Normal blood pressure is considered less than 120 over less than 80 and high blood pressure is defined as 130 over 80 or higher.

Heart rate between 60 and 100 are normal, though it sometimes varies depending on your age and fitness level. Normal respiration rate is 12 to 16 breaths per minute and normal temperature is 98.6 degrees Fahrenheit.

3. Talking with a Physician

Having the chance to speak with your doctor about any concerns, aches or pains, and changes in your health will allow the doctor to ask further questions about your lifestyle.

By watching talking to you, the doctor can get insight into your memory, mental quickness, and overall health.

As always, be comfortable talking with your doctor about any issues that might have arisen. Don’t fear to ask questions that might otherwise feel embarrassing.

4. A Variety of Examinations

An annual physical will also include a number of evaluations of various body parts and their functions.

These tests often include a heart and lung exam with a stethoscope, a head, and neck exam, and an abdominal exam to check your liver, bowels, and stomach for abnormalities.

The doctor may also perform a check on your reflexes and nerves, as well as your skin and extremities.

5. Preventative Medicine for Men and Women

Physical exams for both men and women are useful for preventing gender-specific illnesses, such as STDs, testicular cancer, or breast cancer.

For this reason, a physician will often include tests for masses or hernias with a mammogram for women or a testicular exam for men.

6. Labs and Vaccines

Last but not least, your doctor might order routine blood work or tests as a follow up to ensure that you are healthy.

You might also need to get up to date on your immunizations. The team at Thibodaux Urgent Care can provide vaccines to you!

Want to Get a Physical Exam at Thibodaux Urgent Care?

A yearly physical at Thibodaux Urgent Care is a great way to keep your overall health in check and build up healthy habits for daily life.

Do you have questions about physical exams or just health in general?

Visit our blog for more tips and information on preventative medicine and healthcare!

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