When to Go to Urgent Care for a Fever

A sick boy is lying in bed while his mom checks his temperature with a thermometer.

Fevers often accompany various illnesses, signaling that your body is fighting off an infection. While it’s common, knowing when to seek urgent care for a fever can be crucial in ensuring prompt treatment and relief. 

At Thibodaux Regional Urgent Care, we recognize that understanding the thresholds and circumstances for seeking care is essential, especially if you or a loved one are grappling with a fever.

In this blog post, we discuss fevers in more detail, including when you should consider urgent care for a fever across different age groups. Continue reading to learn more. 

What Body Temperature is Considered a Fever?

An average “normal” body temperature typically ranges between 97°F (36.1°C) and 99°F (37.2°C).

A fever is generally identified as a temperature of 100.4°F (38°C) or higher in adults. However, it’s important to note that the “normal” temperature can vary slightly from person to person.

When to Worry About a Fever in a Toddler

A fever can be particularly concerning for toddlers due to their developing immune systems. 

If your toddler is under three months old and has a rectal temperature of 100.4°F (38°C) or higher, seek immediate medical attention. 

For older toddlers, observe their behavior and overall condition. If the fever persists for more than a day or is accompanied by other worrisome symptoms such as lethargy, difficulty breathing, or dehydration, consider visiting urgent care, their primary care provider, or the emergency room. 

When to Worry About a Fever in a Child

As children grow, their ability to handle illnesses improves. 

However, if your child has a fever of 100.4°F (38°C) or higher and seems unusually irritable, fatigued, or experiences difficulty breathing, it’s time to consider urgent care. 

Additionally, if the fever persists for more than a couple of days or is accompanied by a rash, severe headache, or neck stiffness, you should seek medical attention promptly.

When to Go to Urgent Care for Fever in Adults

Adults typically have a stronger immune response than children, but certain situations warrant urgent care for a fever. 

You should seek medical attention if your temperature reaches 103°F (39.4°C) or higher, or if the fever persists for more than three days. Other concerning symptoms accompanying the fever, such as severe headache, chest pain, difficulty breathing, or confusion, also necessitate a visit to urgent care.

Knowing when to seek urgent care, at all ages, for a fever can prevent complications and expedite your recovery. Don’t hesitate to visit us if you’re concerned about a fever, and let our team provide the care and relief you need. 

Get Relief From a Fever at Thibodaux Regional Urgent Care 

Your health matters most. Don’t wait to seek care when dealing with unexpected illnesses, especially a fever.

At Thibodaux Regional Urgent Care, our experienced medical professionals are equipped to evaluate and treat fevers in patients of all ages. Our goal is to provide timely and effective care, ensuring your comfort and well-being.

In Thibodaux, our walk-in clinic doors are open seven days a week, offering convenient access to prompt and effective fever checks without needing an appointment.

If you or a loved one is experiencing symptoms like a persistent high temperature, we encourage you to have your fever checked at urgent care. Come in today for a comprehensive evaluation and a personalized treatment plan to help you feel better and resume your routine sooner.

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