When to Seek Medical Attention for a Burn: 5 Major Signs

when to seek medical attention for a burn

Did you know that most burns occur either at home or in the workplace?

Some burns are worse than others. There are many circumstances when you might burn yourself in which you won’t need any medical help.

It’s not always so obvious when you need to consult a doctor about your burns. Of course, third-degree burns require medical attention.

Check out the below blog to discover the five tips to know when to seek medical attention for a burn. Let’s get started!

1. Where’s the Burn?

Whether you need to seek medical attention or not depends partly on where the burn has occurred. Even minor burns to certain parts of the body would require you to speak to a doctor.

For example, if you experience a burn to the face, especially the eyes or the ears, you’ll need to seek medical help. These burns could cause sustained damage that could leave you with permanent blindness or deafness.

If your burns are on either your hands or feet, this may also require treatment since they can be especially vulnerable parts of the body. If your burns happened to your genitals, you should definitely seek medical attention immediately.

2. What’s the Degree of Burn?

When the burn goes deep into your skin, you’ll definitely need medical treatment. You could have 3rd or even 4th-degree burns.

However, it’s not always easy to know how deep a burn is simply looking at it. Especially since you can’t always feel anything because the burn could have damaged your nerves.

If you have a blister, this usually signals that the burn is at least 2nd degree. When the skin appears charred or you can’t feel any pain, this indicates something more serious.

3. How Big is the Burn?

Another factor you need to consider when you experience a burn is the size of the burn. The bigger the burn, the more dangerous it could be.

When the burn spreads around your skin, this could be an even greater threat to your health. Ask yourself if the burn is larger than your hand. If it is, you need to go to the emergency room now!

4. Are There Signs of Infection?

You may have burnt yourself a few days ago. But, if you notice that the burn is starting to show signs of infection, you might require medical attention.

The pain may get worse over time. If your burn appears to develop a bad smell or a liquid starts to emerge from the wound, you need to get it examined by a doctor.

5. Your Burn Getting Worse? 

If you find that your burn is gradually getting worse, then you need to be careful. Your burn may have only been minor at first. But, over time it could become more painful. 

When to Seek Medical Attention for a Burn

If you have major burns, then you need medical attention. It’s not always possible to tell how serious your burn is.

Follow our tips to identify when you have a third-degree burn or worse.

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