X-Ray Vision: 5 Most Common Uses for X-Rays

uses for x-rays

Did you know the medical x-ray industry could reach $16.5 billion by 2025?

Are you wondering what the common uses for x-rays are? Not to worry! In this guide, we’ll go over what people use x-rays for.

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Uses for X-Rays: A Guide

X-rays are a kind of radiation known as electromagnetic waves. X-ray imaging builds pictures of the inner part of your body.

Images will reveal different parts of your body in shades of white and black. Different tissues absorb various amounts of radiation.

For example, calcium found in bones absorbs radiation the most. Bones will appear white on the imaging. Soft tissues and fat absorb less, so they look gray. Lungs will appear black because air absorbs the least.

1. Check Symptoms in the Body

In the medical world, x-ray technology has many purposes. Conventional x-ray images are useful for doctors. They allow them to check symptoms originating inside the body.

For example, a chest x-ray’s used to create images of the inside of your chest. It will help a doctor test the heart, lungs, and chest wall. They can diagnose a persistent cough or shortness of breath.

An x-ray can also track treatments for lung conditions like emphysema or pneumonia.

2. Diagnosing Injuries

A bone x-ray will use a small amount of ionizing radiation. It will produce pictures of a bone in the body. This will help doctors diagnose joint dislocation or fractured bones.

This x-ray allows the doctor to assess bone fractures or injuries. This exam isn’t hard to prepare.

3. Dental Check

A dentist will get images of your teeth with a dental x-ray. This helps them check your oral health. These x-rays use low levels of radiation. Your dentist can identify any problem areas near your teeth or gums.

They can see tooth decay, cavities, and affected teeth. Dental x-rays are as crucial as teeth cleanings. They help track the condition of your oral health.

4. Mammography

This is a type of medical imaging that uses x-rays to get pictures of the internal structure of the breasts. Mammography can help detect breast cancer in the early stage.

An x-ray machine creates a burst of x-rays that pass through the breast to a detector on the other side. This detector is a photographic film plate that captures the x-ray image on film. This image is a mammogram.

5. Joint Changes and Arthritis

A specialist can pick up on joint changes that reveal arthritis by using an arthrogram. Joints can have many difficulties. You could wear down cartilage, tear a ligament, or fracture a bone.

Standard imaging like an x-ray might not work. An arthrogram is a specialized x-ray that helps pinpoint the problem.

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