A closeup image of a doctor wrapping a patient’s hand in gauze.

How to Know If You Need Stitches

Accidents happen all the time– it’s human nature. Whether it’s a paper cut or a scraped knee, even the accidental slip of a kitchen knife during fruit and vegetable chopping is common in nearly everyone’s…

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A closeup image of a hand wrapped in gauze after sustaining an injury.

How to Treat a Dog Bite: Here’s What to Know

Dog bites can be a distressing experience, leaving both physical and emotional wounds.  Whether you’ve been nipped, scratched, or bitten, responding promptly and appropriately is crucial to minimize the risk of infection and ensure proper…

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A closeup image of a tick bite on the leg of a young girl.

When to Worry About a Tick Bite

It’s getting to be that time of year again when we find ourselves spending more time outdoors to enjoy the sunshine and warmer temperatures.  While a hike in the woods or extra playtime in the…

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